Statement by Pakistan



On behalf of the government and people of Pakistan I express our deep condolences to the Haitian Nation which is passing through a traumic time. We stand with them in this hour of need.


As we devise the means to ensure relief, recovery and rehabilitation in Haiti, I would like to share our experience after the 2005 earthquake in Pakistan, so that it may contribute to a more effective endeavour by the UN.


In Pakistan, we had to go beyond the conventional disaster management model of response, relief and recovery, to a more holistic model.  This holistic model included the processes of hazard identification and mitigation, community preparedness, integrated and coordinated response and recovery efforts.


We would need to follow a similar approach given the great task of reaching out to the victims. Our experience suggests food, water, shelter and medical assistance will comprise immediate needs followed by medium and long term rehabilitation support.


I would also like to convey that together with the international community, we would like to extend all assistance possible to help the Haitian people. 253 Pakistani peacekeepers that were already deployed in Haiti have been directed to provide all possible support to Haiti under UN guidance, above and beyond the call of duty. Our Government has announced a modest contribution of 3000 tents and five tonnes of medicines for the earthquake afectees.